Is this Henna?

No. Henna has become a catch phrase for all temporary tattoos

Henna is different than temporary airbrush tattoo paints

  • Henna is made from a plant and is only a green color paste when applied, staining the skin to a orange red color after drying

  • Tat paints come in a variety of colors, black, green, blue, yellow and red

  • Henna paste takes time to dry and is easily smudged before drying. Dry bits of Henna has been the cause of stains on carpeting

  • Tat paint dries instantly without the chance of smudging. And no dry bits

  • Henna paste stains the first 2 layers of your skin with an orange red color

  • Tat paint sits on top of the skin, never penetrating the skin

  • Henna may last up to 2 weeks. But as the skin exfoliates the temporary tattoo may distort and won’t look it’s best

  • Tat paint lasts up to 5 days from application and is easily removed with rubbing alcohol

The art of Henna, or Mehndi as it is also know as, is a terrific, and enjoyable art form. TATS TATTOO has utmost respect for those artists who choose to work with and promote the use of natural Henna


What is Black Henna?

Real bad, nasty, stuff. TATS has seen many burns and heard horror stories about this product. The problem is people are going to countries like Mexico, Spain and others and getting a “Black Henna Tattoo” from vendors on the street or at the beach. Using this Black Henna can and does cause skin irritation and a burning sensation, resulting in damage to your skin and possibly damaging your internal organs. Look on the internet, you can see the stories and warnings from government agencies. Parents and young adults need to know what products are not safe to put on their skin



At TATS, Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Service it is our commitment to the enjoyment of safe temporary airbrush tattooing that these other ways of temporary tattooing are compared



Safety First

At TATS, Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Service, it’s our commitment to the enjoyment of temporary tattooing that we only use the highest quality paints made from FDA approved ingredients. Our tattoos last up to 5 days

Our formula is water resistant, non-toxic and hypo allergenic, but easily removed quickly with rubbing alcohol. Best thing is, the paints come in a variety of colors!


Pride in Cleanliness

Company policy is that each used airbrush and stencil is cleaned in 99% alcohol before every event

Providing you with peace of mind


Always a hit!

Temporary Tattoos are always a hit with kids of all ages, 2 to 102


Over 100 designs!

We bring designs appropriate for the age party you are having.
Designs like the classic rose, butterfly, dolphin, dragon, guitar, barb wire, spider, tribal designs, arm bands, kanji, and yes, even a frog!

Our designs have been carefully chosen to look good and allow for quick application. Giving you, the TATS TATTOO client, more tattoos in less time
For the adult parties, several risque designs are added but still in good taste.
As always we invite an inspection of designs and adjustments are done on request


Colors, YES, we do Colors!

Our artists are trained in color theory and provide your guests with beautiful color tattoos


Custom Logo or Design

TATS Tattoo is able to replicate your logo or design into a stencil *Fees may apply **2 week lead time

Call for more info


What clients are saying about TATS TATTOO

What a wonderful pleasure to have you at our event. The guests absolutely loved their tattoos and wore them proudly throughout the rest of the conference. ZOE Productions

Perry is very responsible and easy to deal with. We highly recommend him!   Dr Alex Barclay

Thanks again for a great day of tattoos!! I’ll be calling you for our next party.  Nicole at Shopzilla


TATS TATTOO is rated #1 for customer service

You just can’t beat a tat airbrushed by TATS TATTOO!

Temporary Tattoos are always a HIT!



Call or email now for more info or to book your own Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Artist for your PARTY or EVENT !


Phone:  Perry  310.686.1956

Email: tatstattoo@aol.com


Choose the BEST,



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